Location, Dates, and Cost


Team Members: June 5 – July 21, 2019 // Team Leaders: June 1 – July 21, 2019


The cost of attending Gulf Coast Summer is $2,300. Students can pay in several installments throughout the summer, giving them the opportunity to use their summer jobs to subsidize the cost of the program.

However, students are welcome to raise support, for either part of or the entire cost of the program, through the gifts of family, friends, and local churches. If students fundraise the entire cost of the program, they will need to raise approximately $2,600 to cover the 12% processing fee, which is added to any gift sent to The Navigators.

The cost includes housing, a weekly stipend for food, training materials, and other program related costs.

For more information on the cost of the program, please contact GCSnavs@gmail.com


The program is held in St. Petersburg, FL. Students live in dorm halls at Eckerd College.